If you have ordered a small amount of equipment (Able to fit on 1-2 Pallets), we can offer 'courier kerbside delivery'.The equipment will be dropped off adjacent to the lorry. It is then the customers responsibility to move the machine into the designated building. If you choose this option, please ensure there will be someone present to sign for the equipment and people/equipment to move the equipment into your premises when the driver arrives.

Please note: The couriers are a 3rd party and do not have authority to enter your property, if you require the equipment installed/moved into your premises you will require an Installation team, please see below.

If all the equipment will fit into a Luton Van and you would like the equipment moved into a premises and installed (if required). CV Gym Services will send out a small installation team in a van to install/move the equipment into your premises.

​CV Gym Services will send down a lorry(s) with the equipment and a full installation team.

If you would like to collect the equipment, please arrange a collection date. A member of staff on a forklift will be able to load the equipment onto your vehicle, it is your/the drivers responsibility to strap the equipment down and that the load is safe for travel. If you require the machine stripped down to fit into the vehicle, please give notice and there may be a small charge for this service.

​Prices vary from job to job, so please contact us with your information and we will offer you a quotation.

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